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Next meeting is on August 8, 2019 from 6-8 pm

Building Community Together


Good food, conversation, and friends; doing good together...

Our History


Recently a group of us friends met for dinner and conversation and found we enjoyed the stories, games, and laughter. We realized we had others - family, friends, neighbors - who enjoy the same. We also realized that many in our community do not have these same opportunities, so we decided to extend this experience into our community by engaging a non profit organization each month and using our time and energy to support them in building up our local community. We invite you to join us in this collaborative adventure.

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When and where do we meet?


We typically meet on the third Thursday from 6 to 8 pm, sometimes longer! We most recently are meeting at the beautiful Hollinshead Barn here in Bend, Oregon. 

What can I bring?


Just yourself! Or anything you’d like to share, whether frisbee, food, or friends. It’s all free, but if you’d like to bring some food to match our theme, email us through the Contact Us below!

collaborating with our community


We will be hearing the J Bar J’s story

Founded in 1968, their website notes: Our goal is to see youth succeed as happy, healthy adults who contribute to their families and their community.  We believe in the importance of each child, focusing on their strengths and building resilience. We are proud of the hard work they do while they are with us to change their thinking and behaviors. See www.jbarj.org for more details.

We are supporting THE GIVING PLATE

The Giving Plateis a nonprofit that provides food for kids who otherwise would go hungry on the weekends. Ranae shared the story of their organization and their vision of service to the community. We are helping out with several projects. To learn more about this local and growing family start up see www.thegivingplate.org for details.  After meeting with Ranae on May 2019 and discussing opportunities to serve, we have three we would like to help tackle, see especially Project HANDS ON!


Project SPAGHETTI SAUCE is an immediate need we can help out with. Many types of pasta are donated and tons of it! What is needed is sauce to make that pasta tasty! So begin grabbing a couple family size jars of pasta sauce each time you buy groceries and bring to our Together meetings and we will pass it on to The Giving Plate. 


Project GREEN BAG is a local food collection organization run by Bend Food Project where you get a green bag and fill it with non perishable food. All food collected goes to The Giving Plate for distribution. Shelly  has  agreed  to  be  our  neighboorhood  coordinator.  Use  the  Contact  Us  page  below  to sign  up and  we’ll get  you  a  GREEN  BAG  to  fill.  Make  it  easy  by  bringing your bag of food each month to our  meetings!

Project HANDS ON

The Giving Plate needs people willing to volunteer hands  on  at  their  facility  from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm to greet guests, stock shelves and fill food boxes.  Usually  a  group  of  3  or  4  teams  up  for  a  day,  so  grab  a  couple  of  friends  or  take  it  on  as  a  family . Please  let  me  know  through  the  Contact  Page  below  if you would be interested  and I  will  send  you  a  volunteer  application  form.  I  am  coordinating  a few  dates  through  the  summer,  so  let  me  know  if  Thursday, Friday  or  Saturday  works  better  for  you!

We are supporting the BEND FOOD PROJECT!

On June 13, Susan shared how the Bend Food Project was started about 4 yers ago by Sue and Larry Marceau here in Bend. What started as a 5,000 lb food collection has grown to a 25,000 lb food collection. The neighborhood coordinator identifies those interested in giving, provides a green bag, which is filled every other month, and picked up by the coordinator every other second Saturday. This is brought to the Giving Plate where it is sorted and shelves are stocked for dispensing by the Giving Plat to those without adequate food in our community. Shelly has agreed to be the Neighborhood Coordinator for the Together group and we will be filling our bags monthly and simply bringing them with us to the Hollinshead Barn where she can pick them up and give us each a new green bag. The items need to be non perishable and can include family oriented food or food oriented towards kids weekend food backpacks. Shelly  has additional starter Green Bags, so contact us below if you want to participate!

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